Travel Bubble Things you Need to Know at Malaysia Airport

Here are things international travellers need to know when they arrived at Kuala Lumpur Airport. 

Upon arrival at KLIA 1, tourists will be wearing identification tags provided by the operator of private facilities after health screening test.

These facilities also will check 

complete certificate of vaccination of the travellers, 

Health Declaration.

The MOH form has been completed.

proof of purchase of minimum insurance of USD80,000 (COVID-19 & travel) or insurance packaged by the company flights/hotels.

MySejahtera App have been downloaded and they have been

on tourist electronic devices. Operators of these private facilities maybe assisted by the Malaysian Civil Defence Force (APM).

Scan the QR code “Island International Travel Bubble Travelers Langkawi”.

After that, travelers need to be taken for COVID-19 screening tests,

Rapid Molecular Test (RMT) at private facility, KLIA 1. Bookings and payments for

RMT COVID-19 tests need to be included in the tour packages offered

by a tour operator registered and licensed with MOTAC


Read passenger flow in details 

Tourists will be sent to the MOH counter/station for confirmation of the results
COVID-19 screening tests as well as confirmation of quarantine exemptions.
Tourists who have a negative result and have received clearance from the MOH are allowed to progress to the immigration counter.

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