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Langkawi Island Hoping


Langkawi island hopping is debatable a must-do activity when you visit the Island.

Pulau Langkawi is just one out of 99 islands in the Langkawi Archipelago. And out of these almost 100 islands in the chain, just four are inhabited.

Langkawi Island Hopping is the most popular boat tour in Langkawi and also one of the cheapest ones. This tour is usually recommended at 9.00 in the morning and lasts for 3.5 to 4 hours. Transfer arrangements to the location depending on the package you subscribe to.

Langkawi island is an unspoiled destination in this tourist hotspot that isn’t on the “mainland” itself but scattered to the south, east and west; tiny specks of paradise in the Andaman Sea, covered in mangrove jungle and fringed by coral reefs.


Dayang Bunting Lake Langkawi

Herein lies the mythical lake on the island of Dayang Bunting that’s popular with its own tales. Its name literally translates to ‘Lake of the Pregnant Maiden’ as it resembles the silhouette of a reclined pregnant lady from afar.

The legend said women who cannot conceive merely need to sip the water or to swim in the lake and be gifted with a child.


Pulau Singa Besar Langkawi Beach of Singa Besar Langkawi[/caption]

One of the Langkawi Island Hopping attractions is eagle watching. Here is where the tour brings you to witness the king of the sky catch their prey at offshore of Singa Besar Island. 

The island previously were closed for visitor and reopen on 3rd February 2024 for visitor. Depending on Package offered. Visitor now can choose to visit the Lion Island or Beras Basah Island

This island is a wildlife reserve that houses, for example, adults and monks, lizards, pavilions, mousedeers, and even hornbills. While translated as “Big Lion Island,” Depending on the package travellers can choose to stop at Singa Besar or Beras Basah 

Pulau Singa Besar is a massive wildlife sanctuary size about 17km off the Langkawi coast. Pulau Singa Besar filled with unique rock formations, and tranquil beaches.  you won’t find any lions but there are plenty of eagles, monkeys, mousedeer, hornbills, snakes, monitor lizards, and peacocks roaming freely on the island. 


Beras Basah Island Beach
Beras Basah Island Beach
Pulau Beras Basah” is a beautiful island located in the Langkawi archipelago, off the northwest coast of Peninsular Malaysia. The name “Beras Basah” translates to “Wet Rice,” and this island is often referred to as “Wet Rice Island.” Here is a brief overview:

 What to Wear & Bring during Island Hopping in Langkawi.


it’s important to keep yourself hydrated. While water is provided by many tour operators, Be sure to bring your beverages, bottled water, and snacks to be on the safe side. Some islands have retail outlets selling refreshments, but prices are normally much higher than on the main island. Other recommendable items to carry are sunscreen, sunglasses and a hat to protect yourself against the scorching sun. Swimwear and a change of clothes made from breathable material are highly recommended.


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