Langkawi Mangrove Kilim Geo-Forest Park

Exploring the Green Haven: Langkawi's Best Mangrove Tours


Welcome to Langkawi Mangrove Kilim Geo Forest Park, where nature’s wonders await your discovery. Nestled within the pristine landscapes of Langkawi, this park is a sanctuary of biodiversity, offering a glimpse into the rich ecosystems of mangroves, limestone formations, and abundant wildlife. Embark on an adventure like no other as you explore the hidden gems of this natural paradise.

Discover the Mangrove Kilim Geo Forest Park 

Located on the northeastern tip of Langkawi Island, the Mangrove Kilim Geo Forest Park is renowned for its breathtaking beauty and ecological significance. Spanning over 100 square kilometers, the park encompasses a diverse range of habitats, including lush mangrove forests, towering limestone cliffs, and tranquil waterways. As a UNESCO-listed Geopark, it is recognized for its geological heritage and unique landscape features.

Explore the Natural Wonders Prepare to be mesmerized by the natural wonders that await you within the park. Cruise along winding rivers and estuaries, where dense mangrove forests teem with life. Marvel at the ancient limestone formations that rise majestically from the emerald waters, adorned with intricate caves and hidden passages. Keep your eyes peeled for sightings of exotic wildlife, from playful otters and elusive macaques to colorful bird species that call this park home.

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