Langkawi Adventure ATV

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Tour Descriptions

On this ATV adventure, travel through the plantation of Kilim , Sungai Itau. and make stops by a traditional village and waterfall! Before you start your adventure, try to familiarize yourself a little with the vehicle you’ll be using. Understand the controls and get a feel for how much to accelerate at a time that is safe. Once you’re confident enough in your ATV-driving abilities, hold onto your handlebars tight as you head to your first sightseeing spot.

Marshall guide will make stop at cow barn, you may touch and pet them. get some photo if possible.

You will be brought to small hilly road and enjoy some bumpy ride. ride side to side at Itau river and enjoy beautiful scenery

slow your vehicle down so you can fully immerse yourself in the tranquillity of the area. From the brilliant, healthy green of the growing deep green of the mountains that frame the background, the mood that the surroundings elicit is like nothing you can get in the hustle and bustle of the city. This is where you can take a breather and spend some much needed time outdoors from the tiring responsibilities of daily life. There is nothing more pleasant than the uniformity of the flat patches of paddy that stretch on past what the naked eye can see.

As you drive through the traditional village, say hi to passing locals and, if possible, maybe try spending some time with them to know a little more about their living culture. Their surroundings influence much of their way of life, Few kids may waving their hands and say hello to you during the ride. You may have a chance to say hello back or give some candy to them.

Wind your way through the rubber trees of the rubber plantation that drip their sap into the small buckets attached to their barks. Rubber plantations in history contributed to the diversity of ethnicity one can find in Malaysia. Indians and Chinese were brought into the country to work on rubber plantations around the 1890’s, and those who remained became familiar residents and ancestors of the Malaysian population now.

Drive deep to jungle lush and enjoy fresh air and greenery scenery.

At the waterfall, feel the blessings of nature rain upon you as the mist from the waterfall shrouds you. Cleanse your heart, mind and soul as you watch the water cascading down the steep boulders, letting the roar of the water lull you into a relaxed state of being. The water pools in a natural formation at the base of the waterfall and makes for a site where one can rejuvenate themselves with a swim. You may spend 30 minutes of your time here and swim to rejuvenate yourself.



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